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 +====== ge_chateauduclare_v2 ======
 +^  Chateau Duclare ​ ^^
 +|  {{community:​levels:​chateau-wiki.jpg}} ​ ||
 +| **Author** ​  | Adrian |
 +| **Released** ​  | 5.0 |
 +| **Location** ​  | Paris, France |
 +| **Ideal Player Count** | 8-16 |
 +**ge_chateauduclare** is a community made map for GoldenEye: Source. It is a complete recreation and re-imagination of the Chateau Duclare level in the 2000 PC game Deus Ex.
 +The layout has been significantly overhauled from the original to allow fluid multiplayer gameplay.
 +This map had two versions, the first version was originally released in 2014.
 +The second version was released in 2017, it featured a reworked basement and outside area, a better skybox, cleaner lighting and better optimisation.
 +Quickly after the original release of Chateau Duclare, the author of the map Adrian applied for a level designer position on the Goldeneye Source team.
 +A few weeks later he was officially part of the team as a level designer. ​
 +[[http://​​file/​wr84urytl8711fv/​|Download here]]
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