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-======= ​GoldenEye: Source ​Server Install =======+======= ​Windows ​Server Install =======
-Setting up your own game server ​is only recommended if your players will be connecting to it locally, or if you have a fast and consistent enough connection to be able to sustain 16 players with low ping. **Do not** host a public server if your connection is slow or inconsistent in a way that may affect the experience of connected clients.+<WRAP round important>​ 
 +This article ​is currently being overhauled ​and may be inaccurate ​or missing important information. 
-If you don't have a capable Internet connection or the below section seems daunting to you, you are encouraged to use services provided by a game server host such as [[https://​​panel/​cart.php?​gid=16|Jest]] or [[https://​​order.php?​type=ges|NFO Servers]].+===== Before You Begin =====
 +This section is included in the Linux server page 
 +Keep that in mind before changing or renaming it 
-First, start by downloading the latest GoldenEye: Source release from the [[r:​server_download]] page. The following table can be used to verify your download. You can continue with the next section while you wait for the download ​to complete.+If you wish to run a public (Internet) server, here are some important recommendations ​for you to consider before you install your server
-^ File  ^ Digest ​(SHA-256+<sup>(If your intention is to run a LAN server, this section may not apply to you)</​sup>​
-| GoldenEye_Source_v5.0.6_full_server_windows.7z 🛈 | 79643189e9d6549e13ed9545d2277cb34bac05fff645d44d9de1f0ab030610d3 | +
-| GoldenEye_Source_v5.0.6_server_patch.7z ⚠ | 1d1c5e2e23df2402f4195e643a7a1c6f340cb952e3aad27c41235952fb3aa36a |+
-🛈 Despite its namethis file can be used for either Linux or Windows.+  * **It is recommended that the server has a static IP address**\\ If your public-facing IP address changesit will make it hard for returning players to find your server. When self-hosting,​ you typically need to pay your provider extra for a Static IP.
-⚠ This file should only be used to update a server running 5.0.or 5.0.1See ''​gesource/​version.txt'' ​to determine which version your server ​is currently running.+  * **It is required that your Internet is fast enough**\\ ​This means not just speed, but latency as or the DSLReports Speedtest can show you your Internet speed and latency (ping).\\ \\ Recommended Internet Speed: 1Mbps download, 8Mbps upload (16-player server).\\ \\ Recommended Ping (round-trip time): No more than 25ms to a nearby speedtest ​server. More will work, but players who are distant or have less capable connections will suffer.
 +If you don't have a capable Internet connection or the instructions seem daunting to you, you are encouraged to use services provided by a game server host such as [[https://​​panel/​cart.php?​gid=16|Jest]].
-=====SteamCMD and Prerequisites=====+=====File Paths in This Guide=====
-Instructions for setting up SteamCMD ​can be found on the [[https://​​wiki/​SteamCMD|Valve Developer Wiki]].+For this guide, we will install things to certain directories as examples. However, provided that you modify any references to a path, everything we download ​can be put wherever you like.
-**Windows Only**: Download and install ​the 32-bit [[https://​​en-us/​download/​details.aspx?​id=30679|Visual Studio C++ 2012 redistributable]]. Make sure you choose ''​vcredist_x86.exe''​.+These are the installation directories we will use in this guide:
-=====Downloading Source 2007 Dedicated Server Using SteamCMD=====+//SteamCMD//: ''​C:​\steamcmd''​
 +//Source 2007 Dedicated Server//: ''​C:​\servers\GEServer''​
-When at the ''​Steam>'' ​prompt, log onto Steam anonymously by typing:+//​GoldenEye:​ Source//: ​''​C:​\servers\GEServer\gesource''​
-  logon anonymous+It is the writer'​s preference to install the Source 2007 DS and GE:S under the same root folder (''​GEServer''​ in this case) and keep one copy of the Source 2007 DS per GE:S server, as this is sometimes easier, ​ particularly when using game server control panels such as UGCC.
-To choose where SrcDS 2007 will be installedtype+However, this is not required. You can optionally install one shared copy of Source ​2007 DS to save space. This guide will assume you want to go with the layout specified by the file paths abovein which each GE:S server has its own copy of the Source 2007 DS.
-  force_install_dir <​your_install_path>​ 
-Install Source 2007 Dedicated server: ​+=====Prerequisites=====
-  app_update 310+Download and install the 32-bit [[https://​​en-us/​download/​details.aspx?​id=30679|Visual Studio C++ 2012 redistributable]]. Make sure you choose ''​vcredist_x86.exe''​.
-If you ever believe your SrcDS installation became corrupt, you can validate it:+=====Source 2007 Dedicated Server=====
-  app_update 310 validate+To download Source 2007 Dedicated Server, you need SteamCMD, the command-line version of Steam. You can download SteamCMD from the following URL: https://​​client/​installer/​
-Once you're all done, safely exit Steam using ''​quit''​.+Extract the contents of the archive ​you downloaded to ''​C:\steamcmd'' and then run the newly-extracted ''​C:​\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe''​.
-You will need to repeat the above process if Valve releases an update ​for Source 2007 that breaks compatibility with its older versions.+After you have downloaded and run SteamCMD, it will update ​and eventually you will land at the ''​Steam>''​ prompt.
-You can automate all of the above at the command line, in a batch script (.bat, Windows) or shell script (.sh, Linux). Simply run the executable, appending the commands in the order you want them to run inwith a plus sign (+) before each command. For example:+When at the ''​Steam>''​ promptlog onto Steam anonymously by typing:
-  ​steamcmd +logon anonymous ​+app_update 310 validate +quit+  logon anonymous 
 +Set the target install directory:
-=====Setting Up GoldenEyeSource=====+  force_install_dir "C:\servers\GEServer"​
-Once you've finished downloading one of the mod archives as described in [[#​downloads|Downloads]],​ you can start setting up GoldenEye: ​Source.+Install ​Source ​2007 Dedicated server: ​
-Extract ​the contents ​of the archive you downloaded to a folder named ''​gesource''​.+  app_update 310 
 +<WRAP round important>​ 
 +If the dedicated server files are ever corrupted, you can validate the integrity ​of game files and check for updates by running ​the update command with the validate option (''​app_update 310 validate''​
-Like SteamCMDyou can automate SrcDS startup ​using both launch options (-option) and commands (+command), as you can see in the following examples. Note that these examples assume that ''​srcds'' ​and the ''​gesource''​ folder are both in the current working directory. You will have to modify the ''​-game''​ path or the ''​srcds''​ path if either are not true. These examples also assume that you want to limit the server to 16 players and then load Archives as your first map. A maxplayers value higher than 16 is strongly discouraged.+Once you're all donesafely exit Steam using ''​quit''​. You now have Source 2007 Dedicated Server installed. You may need to repeat this process ​if Valve releases an update for Source 2007.
-===Windows===+You can automate all of the above at the command line. Simply run the executable, appending the commands in the order you want them to run in, with a plus sign (+) before each command. This is useful for automating future installations and updates of the server. For example:
-Create a new .bat file and open it with a text editor such as Notepad. Paste the following:+  steamcmd +logon anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\servers\GEServer"​ +app_update 310 validate +quit
-  srcds.exe -game .\gesource\ -console +maxplayers 16 +map ge_archives+=====GoldenEye:​ Source=====
-===Linux===+Grab the Server install archive from the [[r:​server_download|Server Downloads]] page. Then, extract the ''​gesource''​ folder to ''​C:​\servers\GEServer\gesource''​.
-Create a new .sh fileopen it with a text editor, and then mark it as executablePaste the following into the file:+With the files in placeyou are now ready to run the server.
-  #!/bin/bash +Using Notepad or another text editor, create the file ''​C:​\servers\GEServer\start.bat''​. Paste the following into the file: 
-  ​export MALLOC_CHECK_=0 + 
-  ./​srcds_run ​-game ./gesource+maxplayers 16 +map ge_archives +  ​srcds.exe -console ​-game gesource +maxplayers 16 +map ge_archives 
-   + 
-If you get a segmentation fault or other error message, check that all dependencies are satisfied. This can be checked by using the ''​ldd'' ​command against the server ​binaryFor example''​ldd ​./gesource/​bin/​''​. ​This will output a list of required libraries and whether they are found. You can use a tool such as apt-file (or your distribution'​s equivalent) to match a package name with the library fileMake sure that you install the 32-bit version of the required libraries -- on 64-bit distributions,​ this can be done by adding ':i386' to the package name, or installing a special package usually named with the convention '​lib32//​xx//'​Also note that **files ending in ''​''​ can be ignored**.+Run ''​start.bat'' ​and if all goes well, your server ​is now runningIf you are on the same LAN as the game serveryou should see the server pop up under the "​LAN"​ tab of the server browser. 
 +=====Accessing Your Server From the Internet===== 
 +This section is included in the Linux server page 
 +Keep that in mind before changing ​or renaming it 
 +To access ​your server over the Internet, you need to allow port 27015 TCP **and** UDP through any firewallsIf you're behind a NAT router, you also need to forward these ports to the device hosting your server. 
 +**Note:** A local server will //always// appear under the LAN tab, not the Internet tab. The best way to verify the server is reachable online is for a friend to connect to it.
-====Accessing Your Server From the Internet====+If you're running multiple servers from a single host, you may want to specify a custom port number for each server using the ''​-port''​ launch option. For example, ​ you would add ''​-port 27016''​ to the launch parameters. You do, of course, need to whitelist/​forward whatever port number(s) you decide to use.
-For your server to be accessible from the Internet when behind a NAT router, you need to configure your router to forward incoming data on the port 27015 TCP **and** UDP. You can change the ports a server uses using the ''​-port''​ launch option (useful when, for example, hosting multiple servers from a single IP Address). Please also allow these ports through any firewalls you are using.+=====Configuring Your Server=====
-====Configuring Your Server====+/​************************************************** 
 +This section is included in the Linux server page 
 +Keep that in mind before changing or renaming it 
-After you have a functional GoldenEye: Source server, you can customize settings to your liking. For information on server customization,​ please check the [[goldeneye/​server/​start]] page.+After you have a functional GoldenEye: Source server, you can customize settings to your liking. For information on server customization,​ please check the [[goldeneye/​server/​start]] page. 
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