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Chateau Duclare
Author Adrian
Released 5.0
Location Paris, France
Ideal Player Count 8-16

ge_chateauduclare is a community made map for GoldenEye: Source. It is a complete recreation and re-imagination of the Chateau Duclare level in the 2000 PC game Deus Ex. The layout has been significantly overhauled from the original to allow fluid multiplayer gameplay.

This map had two versions, the first version was originally released in 2014. The second version was released in 2017, it featured a reworked basement and outside area, a better skybox, cleaner lighting and better optimisation.

Quickly after the original release of Chateau Duclare, the author of the map Adrian applied for a level designer position on the Goldeneye Source team. A few weeks later he was officially part of the team as a level designer.

Download here

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