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Author NamajnaG
Released 5.0
Location Na Pali
Ideal Player Count 8-12

UT_Turbine is a community made map for GoldenEye: Source, and it is originally a level from the 1999 FPS Unreal Tournament. This is the second Unreal Tournament map remade for Goldeneye Source. The layout is identical to the original except for the ventilation shaft, which has been opened up to another elevator to avoid having a choke point.

The map was made from scratch in Hammer whilst using UnrealEd as a reference to ensure complete accuracy in scale, lighting and detail. Up to 16 players are supported, and all gamemodes should work without problems. Bots are partially supported, they can walk around the map just fine, but cannot use the elevators.

The music packed along with the map are 4 songs from the original game, including the song that plays on the map in the original, Run.

Download here

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