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 +====== Bond, James Bond ======
 +{{wiki:​Bond,​ James Bond.PNG }}
 +**Bond, James Bond** is an Goldeneye: Source multiplayer [[GoldenEye:​ Source Achievements|achievement]]. It is awarded by playing with [[James Bond|Bond]] character for the entire round and being awarded with Most Professional and Marksmanship at the same time.
 +===== Tips =====
 +This achievement is easier to get when you focus on it; though it can also be earned accidently.
 +  * Play as Bond for the whole time. Changing the character during the round will disallow this achievement.
 +  * Try to take minimal damage during the round, attack only armed enemies and acquire lots of kills with as few ammo as possible.
 +  * Don't spray irrationally.
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