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 ^ Status ​  | Deceased - frozen by liquid nitrogen| ^ Status ​  | Deceased - frozen by liquid nitrogen|
-**Boris Grishenko** is a brilliantly talented computer programmer ​and cracker who has hacked the United States Department ​of Justice. He is also backstabbing ​and arrogantHe often shouts "I am invincible!"​ whenever he succeeds.+**Boris Grishenko** is a playable character in GoldenEye: Source, ​and one of several villains featured in the 1995 //​GoldenEye//​ film and 1997 //GoldenEye 007// video gameBoris worked at the [[goldeneye/​levels/​ge_bunker|Severnaya Observatory]] in Siberia which watched over the two GoldenEye satellites, Petya and Mischa. 
-Boris works at the Severnaya observatory in Siberia which watches over the two weapons satellites, Petya and Mischa. Boris left the observatory for a cigarette only minutes before its destruction by the Petya satellite. ​+===== In GoldenEye: Source ===== 
-He had actually slipped away and flew off with General Arkady Ouromov and Xenia Onatopp, having allied himself with Alec Trevelyan to steal the GoldenEye satellite. His main purpose with Janus is to operate the GoldenEye satellite in exchange for a share of the profits. 
-Boris helps his comrades kidnap Natalya Simonova, the only other survivor of the attack on Severnaya.+===== Trivia ===== 
-While attempting to crack the access codes for the GoldenEye, he obtains a grenade disguised as a pen from Bond's wide arsenal of gadgetsThe explosive properties of the pen are unknown to him. The pen needs to be clicked three times to arm the grenadeand an additional three times to disarm it, which Boris does out of a nervous habit. Bond knocks the pen out of his hand leading to an explosion that destroys much of the control center, ​giving ​Bond and Natalya a perfect opportunity ​to escape.+    * Boris appears only twice in the GoldenEye ​007 video game 
 +    * During ​the GoldenEye 007 campaignIf Boris is killed during ​his encounter in the [[goldeneye/​levels/​ge_control|satellite ​control center]]Natalya gets angry with Bond and refuses ​to operate the computerAs a result, the mission is failed. 
 +    * Boris' trademark phrase is "I am invincible!" ​
-After the satellite control room is destroyed, Boris is amazed to see he managed to survive the incident, prompting him to jump up and shout his trademark exclamation ("I am invincible!"​) — at which point a vat of liquid nitrogen explodes, freezing him. Whether he actually survives this experience is never revealed in the film. 
-=====Boris in GoldenEye 007===== 
-Boris appears twice in GoldenEye 007. The first time the player meets him is in the Severnaya observatory,​ where he is simply known as "​Programmer"​. The player coerces him into disabling the security on a mainframe. This event does not occur in the movie, as Bond never goes to the observatory in Severnaya in the movie. 
-The next time the player sees him is in the satellite control center. When they meet, Boris fumbles with a PP7, then begs for his life claiming "​Trevelyan made me do it!" If the player waits a moment, Boris will run away shouting his trademark line from the movie, "I am invincible!"​ This, like the player'​s previous encounter with him, is exclusive to the game. If Boris is killed in this scene, Natalya gets angry with Bond and refuses to operate the computer. As a result, the mission is failed. 
 ^  GoldenEye: Source Characters ​ ^ ^  GoldenEye: Source Characters ​ ^
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