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 ^ Status ​  | Unknown | ^ Status ​  | Unknown |
-**Jaws** is a fictional assassin ​in the James Bond media franchise with stainless steel teethJaws got his nickname due to his unique strong ​metal teeth that could bite through virtually anything His imposing size and apparent invulnerability make him one of Bond's most feared opponents.+**Jaws** is a playable character ​in GoldenEye: Source, and based on the character first featured in the 1977 film //The Spy Who Loved Me// and the 1997 //GoldenEye 007// video gameStanding at an imposing 7 feet tall, and sporting razor-sharp ​metal teeth, **Jaws** was a seemingly invincible henchman to the villain, Karl StrombergHe would later appear in the 1979 sequel Moonraker as a henchman to the villain Hugo Drax. 
-=====Detailed Biography===== +===== In GoldenEye: Source ​===== 
-Jaws first appeared in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me as a henchman to the villain, Karl Stromberg. He would later appear in the sequel Moonraker as a henchman to the villain Hugo Drax. However, in this second appearance, his character was changed from that of a ruthless and unstoppable killing machine to more of a comedy figure. He eventually turns against Drax and helps Bond to defeat him, and also gains a girlfriend.+----
-Jaws has appeared in a number of James Bond video games as both a playable multiplayer character and as a henchman to an original villain. He notably appears in the 1997 Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 in which he is a henchman to Hugo Drax. Jaws later appears in the 2004 Bond video game Everything or Nothing, once again as as an enemy of Bond, and as a henchman to Nikolai Diavolo (voiced by Willem Dafoe).+    * 
 +    *
-In addition to having steel teeth, Jaws was also 7 feet, 2 inches ​(2.18 mtall and extremely strong, which forced Bond to be especially inventive while fighting him. In combat, Bond found himself caught in an unbreakable death grip by Jaws, who was about to fatally bite him; Bond only escaped by using a broken electric lamp to send an electric shock through the assassin'​s teeth to stun him. Jaws also has an uncanny ability to survive any misfortune seemingly unscathed and come back to challenge Bond again. In The Spy Who Loved Me, Jaws survives an Egyptian structure'​s collapse on top of him, being thrown from a rapidly-moving train, sitting in the passenger seat of a car which drives off a cliff (landing in a hut below, to the owner'​s dismay, though the height of the cliff is not established),​ a battle underwater with a shark and the destruction of Stromberg'​s lair. Most notably, in Moonraker he survives falling several thousand feet without a parachute — granted, he falls through a circus tent and lands in the trapeze net — a crash through a building on top of a runaway cable car, and falling off a waterfall. In the game Everything or Nothing, Jaws is electrocuted and is inside a tanker that is knocked over the side of a bridge. In another instance during a fight on a large lift, Bond climbs into the cockpit of a plane and ejects his seat as the lift plummets to the ground. When James later lands on the remains at the bottom, Jaws is nowhere to be found.+===== In GoldenEye 007 (N64===== 
-=====James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me===== +    *  
-Most of the background information on Jaws comes from Christopher Wood's novelisation of the film The Spy Who Loved Me, called James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me so as to differentiate from Ian Fleming'​s novel of the same name. In Wood's novel, Jaws's real name is Zbigniew Krycsiwiki and he was born in Kraków, Poland. Krycsiwiki was arrested by the secret police for his part in the "1972 bread riots"​. While imprisoned, the police "beat him with hollow steel clubs encased in thick leather"​ until they thought he was dead, leaving his jaw broken beyond repair. Krycsiwiki later escaped and stowed aboard one of Stromberg'​s vessels. Eventually he was caught; however, instead of turning him in Stromberg hired a prestigious doctor to create an artificial jaw. After 14 operations Krycsiwiki'​s jaw was restored using steel components that created two rows of terrifying razor-sharp teeth. The result of the artificial jaw left Jaws a mute.+    ​* ​
-Since none of the above is actually mentioned in either movie, this is not necessarily considered canon. Wood contradicts his own continuity when one compares his scripts and his novelisations;​ in the novelisation of The Spy Who Loved Me Wood specifically states that Jaws is a mute. Yet, in the film Moonraker he speaks, although in the novelisation James Bond and Moonraker, Jaws remains a mute. For the films, it is possible Jaws might have somehow regained the ability to speak between the two adventures, but there is nothing on screen or in literary form to suggest how this might have occurred. 
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