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 +====== Natalya ======
 +|name = Natalya Simonova
 +|image = [[image:​No_Image_Map.png|Natalya|315px]]
 +|role = Programmer
 +|affiliation = GoldenEye Project
 +|weight = Classified
 +|height = 5 ft 6 in
 +|actor = [[http://​​wiki/​Izabella_Scorupco|Izabella Scorupco]]
 +|release = No
 +**Natalya Simonova** works as a second level programmer at the Severnaya facility, on work involving the guidance systems. When the treasonous General Ouromov and Xenia Onatopp attack the station with a stolen Tiger helicopter, she is left the only survivor besides Boris Grishenko, who had allied himself with Ourumov and Alec Trevelyan.
 +She attempts to find Boris, whom she believes to be innocent; he meets her in a cathedral and turns her over to Onatopp.
 +Simonova and Bond, who have both been captured by Trevelyan, are trapped in the stolen Tiger helicopter. The helicopter fires missiles at itself, but Bond is able to eject the two, who are subsequently arrested by the Russian government.
 +Ourumov sets Bond free to clear his own name of murder; Bond escapes, but loses Natalya in the process. He then rescues her from Ourumov and Trevelyan, and they become lovers.
 +Finally, the two assault Trevelyan'​s satellite base, where Natalya is able to prevent the rogue nuclear warhead satellite Mischa from destroying London. Natalya breaks into the computer room and resets the satellite'​s course to cause a burn up over the Atlantic Ocean. She destroys the Goldeneye satellite and commandeers a helicopter to pick up Bond and herself by using the gun Bond gave her.
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