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Alec Trevelyan

Name Alec Trevelyan
Alias(es) 006, Janus
Occupation 00 Agent (formerly), Head of Janus Syndicate
Affiliation MI6 (formerly), Janus Syndicate
Height 5'11“
Nationality British
Status Deceased - crushed by debris

Alec Trevelyan, once an agent working for Her Majesty's secret service betrayed MI6 on a mission in Russia while working with James Bond, agent 007. During the mission to blow up the Arkangel chemical weapons facility, Trevelyan was caught by the base's commander, Colonel Arkady Ourumov, and shot point blank in the head. Presuming Trevelyan dead, Bond continued the mission and escaped in a supply plane.

Nine years later, Bond, while pursuing the thieves of a stolen helicopter, is told by Valentin Zukovsky that the head of a crime syndicate known as Janus (previously under suspicion for the stolen helicopter) is a Lienz Cossack.

Later, Bond discovers that Janus is none other than Trevelyan himself, who desires vengeance on England, and that not only was his execution stages, but he now employs Ourumov who has risen to the rank of General. Trevelyan's family was part of the Lienz Cossacks who had collaborated with the Nazis but attempted to defect to the British at the war's end. The British instead sent them back to the USSR. Trevelyan's parents had survived “the British betrayal and Stalin's execution squads.” Trevelyan's father, ashamed that he had survived, killed his wife and then himself. Trevelyan was then taken in by MI6 at the age of six and went to work for the government that betrayed his parents.

His scheme involved stealing the GoldenEye disk, keys and access codes and destroying the Severnaya complex using the electromagnetic pulse of the space nuclear explosion of GoldenEye's nuclear warhead satellite Petya, thus erasing any evidence. His henchmen (Ourumov, now a general, and Xenia Onatopp) escaped Severnaya under the protection of the stolen Tiger helicopter that was impervious to an electromagnetic pulse. GoldenEye's nuclear warhead satellite Mischa would then be used to aid Trevelyan in stealing completely via computer from the Bank of England in London, and erasing all evidence of the transaction when the GoldenEye satellite Mischa destroys London, causing the British economy and government to be destroyed and a catastrophic currency crisis to occur in the New York Stock Exchange and the world economy. Trevelyan, having obtained the only valuable currency of pounds sterling, could have economic supremacy over the British and the world in an era of terrorism for decades. Bond stopped this scheme with the help of former Severnaya technician Natalya Simonova and CIA agent Jack Wade. Trevelyan met his demise when Bond dropped him from the bottom of a satellite antenna. When Bond had destroyed the satellite dish, its remnants fell upon a paralyzed Trevelyan in a heap of fire.

Trevelyan's betrayal of MI-6 and Bond continue a tradition of often prescribing personal motivations for Bond on his missions. As Bond holds Trevelyan by the foot on top of the dish, Trevelyan quips: “For England, James?” to which Bond replies: “No, for me” before releasing him.


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