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Ge Archives Classic

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Archives Classic
Author Adrian
Released 4.1
Location St. Petersburg, Russia
Ideal Player Count 4-12

Ge_Archives Classic, also known as Archives Classic, is a level made for GoldenEye: Source. This level includes the entire area from the GE64 single player mission rather than restricting itself to just the multiplayer section.


Luchador started an Archives Classic in 2011. Many textures were made, but the level was never finished. In 2014 Adrian started his own Archives Classic, referencing the original game's geometry to make his own level as accurate as possible. Some of Luchador's textures were re-used while other textures were contributed by Adrian himself. Since the map was finished after 4.1's release, the first version was released as part of a community map pack in January 2015. The map was officially included for 5.0's release.

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