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-====== Ge Runway ====== 
-^  Runway  ^^ 
-|  {{goldeneye:levels:runway_small.png}}  || 
-|**Author** | SharpSh00tah | 
-|**Release**| | 
-|**Location** |Arkangelsk, Soviet Union| 
-|**Ideal Player Count**|9| 
-**Ge_Runway**, also known as Runway, has been a map long in development by SharpSh00tah. There are combined elements of the Goldeneye 007 counterpart, the Goldeneye Movie, and even some new areas that have yet to be explored. Sharpshootah is using his creative impulse to expand on these areas in order to better suit the map's gameplay in a multiplayer environment by making it larger with more indoor environments to take cover in and to make it much more dynamic than the Nintendo 64 version which wasn't as suitable for multiplayer gameplay.  
-Looking out at the runway, there are a lot of the elements from the Goldeneye 007 level, but taken to the next step in terms of detail. You now can clearly see the facility in the back, and the addition of fog helps set the tone for the level. On the opposing sides of the runway, there were buildings; in this GE:S rendition you can go inside them, and they connect to various other places around the map. This runway mixes both outdoor and indoor elements and molds them into one. 
-^  GoldenEye: Source Levels  ^ 
-^  **Reimagined**  | 
-|  [[Ge_Archives|Archives]] • [[Ge_Aztec|Aztec]] • [[Ge_Basement|Basement]] • [[Ge_Bunker|Bunker]] • [[Ge_Casino|Casino]] • [[Ge_Caverns|Caverns]] • [[Ge_Caves|Caves]] • [[Ge_Complex|Complex]] • [[Ge_Control|Control]] • [[Ge_Cradle|Cradle]] • [[Ge_Dam|Dam]] • [[Ge_Depot|Depot]] • [[Ge_Egyptian|Egyptian]] • [[Ge_Facility|Facility]] • [[Ge_Facility_Backzone|Facility Backzone]] • [[Ge_Runway|Runway]] • [[Ge_Silo|Silo]]  | 
-^  **Classic**  | 
-|  [[Ge_Archives_Classic|Archives Classic]] • [[Ge_Bunker_Classic|Bunker Classic]] • [[Ge_Basement_Classic|Basement Classic]]  • [[Ge_Complex_Classic|Complex Classic]] • [[Ge_Facility_Classic|Facility Classic]] • [[Ge_Library_Classic|Library Classic]] • [[Ge_Stack_Classic|Stack Classic]] • [[Ge_Temple_Classic|Temple Classic]]  | 
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