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Ge Silo

name = Silo |image = [[image:Ge_silo_02.jpg|Silo|315px]] |caption = Silo |gesname = ge_silo |location = Kirghizstan, Soviet Union |mapper = [[Developer:Sporkfire|Sporkfire]], [[Developer:Luchador|Luchador]] |release = Yes |official = Yes Ge_Silo, also known as Silo, was in development by Sporkfire since Beta 2 and was initially released with Beta 4. The map underwent a complete overhaul by Luchador for 4.1 with new textures, models, a refined and larger layout and a cleaner overall look that is more reminiscent of the original game. As a result, Silo now sets the standard for quality of future map releases and map updates.


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