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Client Troubleshooting


"NSIS error", "Non 7z archive", Or "7-Zip: CRC Error"

The most likely cause is that the installer program was corrupted. Download a new copy.

Still Having Issues with the Installer?

Download the client zip from one of the links here, and then put the gesource folder in Steam/steamapps/sourcemods. Note that you can only install Source mods to your main Steam library (under the location which Steam itself is installed). For more information, check the installation guide.


No Text In Menus

This issue is typically observed when running the game at very high resolutions, i.e. 4K. Try setting the display resolution to 1080p or lower:

  1. Go to your Steam library
  2. Right-click GoldenEye: Source (vX.X)
  3. Click Properties
  5. Enter the following, replacing the 1920 with your desired screen width and 1080 with your desired screen height
    -w 1920 -h 1080
  6. Click OK and close the properties dialog
  7. Launch the game to see if the issue is resolved.
  8. You may at this point remove the resolution setting from your launch options, or it will ignore your in-game setting and reset the resolution at every launch.

Game Immediately Crashes to Desktop

Install the 32-bit (x86) version of the Visual Studio C++ 2012 redistributable.

"Failed to load library client"

This indicates that the .dll files for GoldenEye: Source are corrupt or missing.

  • Download and reinstall GoldenEye: Source.
  • Check that you aren't running out of disk space.
    Currently, the installer does not check for disk space and will fail silently when extracting files. This will be fixed for the release of v5.1.
  • If you're running low on disk space, check the steps on Manual Install which show you how to install on a second hard drive.

"Failed to start game (missing executable)"

Validate your local files for Source SDK Base 2007. You can either:

Click here to validate through Steam, or validate manually through Steam:

  1. Go to the Tools tab of the Steam library
  2. Right-click Source SDK Base 2007
  3. Click Properties
  4. Click the LOCAL FILES tab

When All Else Fails

  • Use your search engine of choice to look up the issue. Rather than mentioning GoldenEye: Source specifically, search for “Source engine” or other Source engine games such as “HL2”, “Gmod”, or “TF2”.
  • Make sure your system is up to date. This includes Windows updates, but especially includes graphics drivers.
  • Some users have reported issues that were resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling their graphics drivers.
    Use a utility like Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and then download and reinstall the latest driver directly off the manufacturer's website: AMD, Intel, Nvidia.
  • And finally, try completely removing and reinstalling GoldenEye: Source and Source SDK Base 2007.
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