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Cougar Magnum

Ammo class Magnum
Damage 25 - 100
Clip size 6
Fire rate 1.50 rps
Accuracy Rail
Released Yes
Special Delayed fire, Penetration
Achievements Make My Mayday, Russian Roulette

The Cougar Magnum is the second most accurate pistol and third most accurate weapon in the game. It is surpassed only by the Sniper Rifle and the Golden Gun. Because it is a revolver, there is a brief delay for the chambers to revolve before the bullet is fired.

The Cougar Magnum's real-world counterpart is the Ruger Blackhawk

GoldenEye 007

The Cougar Magnum was not featured in any of the missions in the original game, as it was only available using cheats.


Whilst the Cougar Magnum was wielded by Natalya in the Jungle and Control missions, it could not be picked up if she died.


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