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Sniper Rifle

Changes from GoldenEye 007

*Damage has been increased to differentiate the Sniper Rifle from the similar Silenced PP7 and ensure it is competitive with sub-machine guns and other rifles in the PC environment. *Zoom power is not adjustable as of Beta 3.

GoldenEye 007

In the original game the Sniper Rifle could be found in the following singleplayer missions: *Dam *Surface I - starting weapon *Surface II


*In the original game when you had a Sniper Rifle, your Slappers were replaced with the Sniper Rifle buttstock as a melee weapon. This was a purely cosmetic change and was statistically the same as Slappers. *A bug in the original game meant that quickly switching to Slappers after picking up a Sniper Rifle would instead give you an inverted arm model where the Sniper Rifle buttstock would be. This was referred to as the 'paintbrush' as it somewhat resembled a large paintbrush.


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