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 +====== Heads Up Display ======
 +=====Main HUD Components=====
 +The Goldeneye: Source HUD, is taking on a very simplistic approach. ​ We want to bring in some of the elements we love from the 64 but also create some new ways of doing things.
 +  * The Ammo indicators - standard ammo indicators will be visible at the bottom right and left (if dual weilding)
 +  * The Health and Armor indicators - each indicator has 12 blocks each representing an equal percentage of health. ​ If you bring up the scoreboard the bars will be visible, if you get hit the bars will flash.
 +Currently, the following is the alpha 2.0 Hud. Notice the //​beautiful//​ contrast of Yellow and Red for Health, and Blue and Teal for Armor.<​br>​
 +Chat will be visible from the bottom-left of the screen as messages come in.  A nice background-highlighted text entry will also become visible when a user begins a message.
 +=====Pickup and Death messages=====
 +At the top left of the players screen, there is a chat-like section that will display information including:
 +  * Equipment Pickup Alerts
 +  * Player kill messages (players names appear as the team colors)
 +  * Specific round based alerts and informal messages
 +=====Overhead Indicators=====
 +Overhead indicators have been a popular addition in recent games, and we plan on integrating a small version. ​ The overhead indicator will be visible for friendly units, displaying useful information such as the health and armor of that player. ​ How it will work for enemy units is still unknown.
 +=====Extra, Round and Gameplay Elements=====
 +Radar - The radar is not yet planned for addition.
 +Round Timer - A simple round time for round-based gameplay will be visible on the screen.
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