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Throwing Knife

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Image knife_01.jpg
Class Throwing Knife
Damage 37 - 150
Clip size 1
Fire rate 1.00 rps
Accuracy N/A
Released Yes
Special Physics weapon
Achievements PKing Soup (Agent), PKing Soup (Secret Agent), PKing Soup (00 Agent)

The Throwing Knife provides a powerful and silent short-range attack, although aiming is quite difficult.

Changes from GoldenEye 007

Holding fire will not prepare the knife to be thrown.

GoldenEye 007

In the original game the Throwing Knife could be found in the following singleplayer missions:

  • Bunker II


Throwing Knives could only be acquired in Bunker II by using your Watch Magnet Attract above the drain in the prison.


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