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v4.2 Release Documentation

GE:S Introduction

GoldenEye: Source is a modification of Half-Life 2, with only one goal in mind: to bring the memories and experiences from the original GoldenEye 64 back to life using Source technology. We want you to look at this mod and remember the first, and best, multiplayer first-person shooter ever made. We are doing our best to bring in the opinions of the community to create a game that everyone is going to enjoy. But, we are not here to recreate the game exactly how it was in GE64, a lot of things have changed since that game was first designed, mainly in technology and gamer's experiences. We are here to take the game even further but at the same time provide a lot of the fun and challenging elements that hardcore GE64 fans will enjoy. We've got experienced team members all across the board, from the professional level to amateurs looking to make it into the business working hard to make this dream a reality.

Please see the Change List for a complete list of changes in v4.2.

System Requirements

Your system must meet the minimum system requirements for the Orange Box Engine:

Minimum: 1.7 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, DirectX® 8 level Graphics Card, Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection<br> Recommended: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better), 1GB RAM, DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card, Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

You must also own AT LEAST one game produced by Valve through Steam in order to download the Source SDK Base 2007.

If you need detailed instructions on installing GoldenEye: Source please refer to: Client Installation Instructions.

If you are installing a dedicated server, please refer to: Server Installation Instructions.

Starting The Game

<WRAP center round important 60%> Make sure you completely restart Steam after installing v4.1 so it will show in your games list! </WRAP>

To start the mod, simply double click the GoldenEye: Source (v4.1) title. When the game finishes initializing the Intro Video will play. You can stop, pause, or disable the intro video by selecting the options shown in red box.

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<WRAP clear></WRAP>

When the video finishes or your stop it you will see the Main Menu. From this menu you can Join a Server, Create a Server, View your Achievements, Setup your options, View the Credits, View the Intro Video again, or Quit the game.

The Options Menu

v4.1 Multiplayer Options

In this window, you can setup your keyboard settings, your mouse settings, Audio/Video Settings and multiplayer settings. View the official Source documentation for the first 3 items. For the multiplayer settings, GE:S has enabled a lot of local customization options that you will be able to modify very easily through this panel.

In the multiplayer tab, you can set your spray logo or import your own and set your download preferences when joining a server. In the Advanced Options menu you can setup specific client side options such as:

- Moving the radar on the screen - Disabling Heat Wave and/or Dynamic Lighting on rolling explosions (increase performance) - Disable Blood Screen, Radar, Special Music, and other HUD items - Set Auto Switch on weapon pickup and Fast Switch modes - Set to automatically hide the After Action Report when the round restarts (see below for more on that)

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

Create a Server Menu

GE:S Create a Server

When you create a server from this menu, it creates what is called a “Listen Server.” This is distinguished from a Dedicated Server in that you are playing the game WHILE hosting the game for others to join in a Listen Server. By default, your listen server is run on your LAN only. To enable it to be visible on the internet servers listing, you must type in sv_lan 0 in the console (See Steam Documentation).

On the Options tab of the Create Server menu you will find many different server options that you can set to customize your gameplay.

<font color=red>*NOTE*</font» When setting your weaponset and gameplay you have to type in the identity of the respective entry. This is explained in the Server Commands further down the page.

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GE:S Achievements

Unfortunately, because Valve has not opened their achievements server to every mod who *wants* to use them, we cannot offer the full functionality of Achievements that, say, Team Fortress 2 offers. However, the programmers of GoldenEye: Source have figured out a clever work around to let you, the end user, earn and strive for Achievements in our game none the less. This section will be a brief run down of the differences in the Achievement process between GoldenEye: Source and officially released games such as Team Fortress 2.

<font color=red>*NOTE*</font» It is imperative that you do not delete your gamestate.txt file from the gesource directory or else you will lose ALL progress on your Achievements. Also, if you play on multiple computers, you MUST manually transfer the gamestate.txt file in order to use your current Achievement state.

Achievements are an excellent way to track your playing style in our game. We have 79 achievements that are both challenging and rewarding! We offer tiered weapon based achievements that have three distinct levels: Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent. Each weapon defines the goals required for each weapon depending on the rate of appearance of that weapon and the ease at which kills can be earned with it. As you achieve each tier the next one will be unlocked. There are also several “hidden” achievements that will be unlocked and visible on your achievement VGUI once you achieve at least 1 of the conditions.

A new feature in Beta 4 is achievement recognition. There are two levels of recognition: silver and gold. Your recognition medal will be displayed next to your name in the scoreboard and round report for all to see when you are playing in any server. The silver level is attained when you reach and achievement completion percentage of 85% (68 achievements). Gold level is achieved upon a 95% completion (75 achievements).

GE:S Achievement List

<font color=red>*NOTE*</font» Your Achievements WILL NOT be visible on your Steam Profile for reasons stated above.

<font color=red>*NOTE*</font» Achievements that are locked or hidden will count against your percent completion even though you can't see them in the listing!

In-Game Menus (VGUI)

This section will introduce you to GoldenEye: Source's in-game menus, or VGUIs. These are a critical piece of our mod because they allow you to see what is happening quickly and efficiently while playing, and also allow you to interact and change your experience. Please pay careful attention to the number sequence as that is how we will reference different parts of the image in the description.

Team Menu

Team Menu VGUI

This is the first menu that you will see when you join a server. You can press the X in the top right to close the menu without making changes. This menu takes on two roles:

:(#1) The first is a team chooser. When teamplay is enabled you will see the buttons laid out as in the image. When teamplay is disabled, you will see “Join Game” and “Spectate.” The number next to the team indicates the amount of players on that team.

:(#2) The second is a server setting indicator. When you first join this instantly lets you know exactly what pertinent settings the server has enabled/disabled. It also shows you the MOTD, the current Weaponset and the current Scenario being played.

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

Character Selection

Character Select VGUI

After you join a team you will be presented with the character selection VGUI. This menu allows you to quickly and easily choose who you want to play as.

<font color=red>*NOTE*</font» When you first join a server or just after changing levels, you WILL NOT spawn into the game until you choose a character!

When teamplay is enabled, you will only be presented with those characters which belong to the team that you are on. Your last chosen character is saved so that the next time you open the menu, or join another server, you will start off with that character you played as last. If teamplay it chooses your favorite character on the team you are on. The following is a description of the boxes:

:(#1) This is where you choose your character, use the arrows on the left or right to change the selection and scroll the list. You can also click the character portrait to select it. Double click to choose your character immediately.

:(#2) You can choose the skin that your character will have by selecting these buttons. Only Bond has multiple skins in Beta 3 (sorry!)

:(#3) When you are satisfied with your selection, press Accept to set your character, or cancel to get out of the menu.

<div style=“clear: both”></div>



The scoreboard is how you can view your current ranking quickly and easily while playing GoldenEye: Source. The scoreboard also presents a multitude of other information that is cleverly out of the way to prevent clutter:

:(#1) This is the name of the server you are currently in.

:(#2) The skull icon indicates that the player is dead. In YOLT, this is an easy way to tell who is left in the round!

:(#3) This is the header for the scores. In teamplay, as in this picture, each score section is color coded and the team's score is presented next to it's name and player count. We use the concept of “Score” in GoldenEye: Source instead of kills because you can receive points for doing special things during different gameplay scenarios.

:(#4) The bottom portion of the scoreboard shows you three pieces of important information. The left side is the current map. The center is the map time remaining. The right side it the current gameplay scenario.

<div style=“clear:both”></div>

Gameplay Scenarios have the ability to color players based on their status in the gameplay. These colors are listed below with their intended meanings, the meanings might be different depending on the scenario so please read the specific documentation for more information.

<strong style=“color:white”>White</strong> - Holding a gameplay token <strong style=“color:gold”>Gold</strong> - Holding the Golden Gun <strong style=“color:black”>Black</strong> - Eliminated in teamplay <strong style=“color:red”>Red</strong> - Eliminated in non-teamplay

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

After Action Report

Teamplay After Action Report

When the round ends, a lot of things happen. Firstly, all the scores are compiled and the winner is chosen. Secondly, the awards and favorite weapons are determined. All this information is sent to everyone and is displayed on the After Action Report. This report summarizes the entire round that you just played. The following are the sections:

:(#1) This displays the scenario for the round, and if teamplay is enabled, the current team scores

:(#2) This shows all the players that participated in the round. The orange highlight indicates that is YOU.

:(#3) This shows who officially WON the round. Sometimes, such as in YOLT, the winner will not have the highest score in the round. Also, in teamplay, the team that scored the most point IN THAT ROUND will be pronounced the winner.

:(#4) These are the awards. A maximum of 6 are given out each round, awards are given to the *MOST DESERVING* players.

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

After Action Report

:(#1) When you receive an award, it will be indicated with a green check mark to pick it out easily.

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

Spectator VGUI

Spectator VGUI

As a spectator, you will see this VGUI overlaid on your screen to give you information while you observe other player's. As in other Source games, if you press CROUCH (default CTRL) you will bring up the spectator menu where you can show the scores, select which player you want to observe, and change your observation mode. You can also accomplish the latter task by pressing your JUMP (default SPACE) key.

:(#1) This shows who you are currently spectator and their Health / Armor percentage left.

:(#2) This is the current map you are on.

:(#3) This is the time left in the round.

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

HUD Elements

GoldenEye: Source uses a very minimal on-screen interface to convey important gameplay information. Due to the nature of the gameplay, it is imperative to present the player with the most amount of information in the least amount of time. I will discuss the HUD in two sections. The first will deal with the left hand side, and the second, the right hand side. <br/><br/>

HUD Left Side

:(#1) This is where the death messages will show up. If teamplay is disabled, the killer will be colored in red, the victim in green, and the weapon used in blue. If your name is present in the death message, it will be highlighted in yellow to make it easier to pick out your own kills/deaths. If teamplay is enabled, the team colors will be used instead of the red/green scheme.

:(#2) If you receive a notice about your achievements, whether it be a progress update, unlock notice, or a completion it will show here. When this appears a special music cue will be played (if enabled) so that you are aware of it.

:(#3) All chat messages and gameplay notifications will come in this area. You can filter out certain server messages through the filter box after you enter chat mode. This is the same functionality as other source games. When a server variable change occurs that will impact the gameplay, it will show in the chat area in an orange color.

:(#4) This is your ammo display. On the left is your remaining clip, an icon indicating the bullet type is in the center, and the right is the total amount remaining. When you pick up a weapon that has a large clip, you may notice the total ammo display drop sharply. This is the automatic holstered weapon reload feature working!

:(#5) This is the much improved teamplay score display in Beta 4. This is only visible when teamplay is active. The yellow arrow next to the team's name indicates which team YOU are on. When a team takes the lead in score their name will flash. <br/><br/> <div style=“clear:both”></div>

HUD Right Side

:(#1) In this area you will see various ammo and gun icons as you play. This indicates weapons and ammo that you pickup. The most recent pickup will be on the bottom.

:(#2) This is the weapon selection menu. This will only be visible if Fast Weapon Switch is disabled. The number to the left of the weapon name indicates the weapon group. If you press that corresponding number on your keyboard you will select that group. Subsequent presses will result in going through each weapon in that group.

:(#3) These two elements are the most important in the game. The top is the radar and the bottom is the round timer. I will discuss the radar more below. The round timer will flash orange every 10 seconds when the time left reaches 30 seconds. When the time left reaches 10 seconds, it will flash red every second until the end of the round.

Radar Fundamentals

The radar is a very complex, but also a very easy to use HUD element if you know what to look for. In the picture above you can see several triangles and several circles. The circle means there is a player at the same height as you, a triangle with it's tip pointing up indicates a player above you, and a triangle with it's tip pointing down indicates a player below you. The colors mean as follows:

Color/Style Meaning
Green Enemy
Red Camping Enemy
White Teammate
Gold Golden Gun holder (MWGG and LALD)
Blue Square Flag (Living Daylights)
Blue Square Briefcase (CTK)
Red Square Key (CTK)

Icons can also be placed on the radar, such as in MWGG if the Golden Gun is on the ground then it's icon will be displayed on the radar. The radar supports having objects be “Always Visible” no matter their distance. When this flag is set the blip will appear on the very edge of the circle when outside of the maximum radar distance.

<font color=red>*NOTE*</font» The radar can be disabled by the server! However, certain gameplay scenarios can override this setting since the radar is a critical component to their functionality.

<div style=“clear:both”></div>

Gameplay Fundamentals

This section will go over how we implemented and designed certain features so that you will know what to expect when you start to get into the grit of GoldenEye: Source. Please note that we have taken considerable measures and many many hours of play testing to develop these methodologies to be consistent, fair, and fun. Some of our implementations do not align with the original GoldenEye 64, this is due to many factors, including the most obvious one of having more than 4 players and also a dynamic hosting environment. We encourage feedback, so please post your ideas on our forum!

Damage and Invulnerability

Damage in GoldenEye is a pretty complex process. Other games use wildly varying damage statistics in order to increase the skill required to kill with those weapons. However, in GoldenEye, the weapon's stats only provide half the story in terms of deadliness. The other half is in the way you wield that weapon. Everything from where you hit to how OFTEN you hit factors into your success or failure.

GoldenEye uses an invulnerability system to directly influence whether or not your shot counts towards damaging your opponent. In GoldenEye 64 the invulnerability system was a simple time delay of approximately 2/3 of a second that prevented damage. In GoldenEye: Source we have extended this system to be much more dynamic in the face of increased player count and the increased accuracy associated with the mouse and keyboard. Our system gives you a base invulnerability of 0.62 seconds. This time increases when you have less than 50% health to a maximum of 1 second. If you damage yourself, you get 0.3 seconds of invulnerability (explosives and fall damage trigger this), however you will continue to take damage from yourself! When you spawn you get 2 seconds of invulnerability to prevent against mine kills, however if you fire a weapon during this time you instantly lose your invulnerability.

So what does this mean to you? Well if you blast through a full clip of your RCP90 on someone, only about 1/3 of your shots will actually register damage! This means that 4 well-placed and well-timed shots of the PP7 will easily defeat a spamming RCP90. This is the distinction between GoldenEye and every other “generic” FPS game, and this is why you must AIM and TIME your shots.

One caveat that is new to Beta 4 is the addition of “advanced invulnerability.” To promote teamplay and working together we implemented a system that allows a player with a strong weapon to still do damage to an opponent that just took damage by a klobb for example (the weakest weapon). Even though the victim is invulnerable, they still take the DIFFERENCE of the damage between two or more different players during one invulnerability period (their invulnerability time continues to be reset by the above formula).

Aim Mode

As discussed above, aiming is a critical component of successful gameplay. In GoldenEye 64, aiming was accomplished by holding the right trigger down which caused you to stop and move a cursor across the screen. In GoldenEye: Source we decided that stopping entirely when aiming would be detrimental to the pace of the game. Therefore, we decided to cut your speed down to 1/3 it's original value while you are aiming and still retain a centered crosshair. The default key for aiming is shift and must be held down for the entire duration of aim mode.

While in aim mode your weapon's accuracy is increased. Each weapon has different accuracy ratings and some tighten a lot more in aim mode than others. The best way to determine how each weapon fires is to start a localhost server, type in sv_cheats 1 and impulse 101 into the console (press ~), then fire each weapon at a wall in and out of aim mode.

Remember, shot placement is critical! You do the most damage if you hit enemies in the head. The least damage is done to the arms and legs with average damage to the torso. The best place to aim is at the neck line to optimize torso and head shots while also firing in short bursts.

Rolling Explosions

Example Rolling Explosion A great improvement to the nostalgia and experience in Beta 4 is rolling explosions. Previously, GoldenEye: Source used the standard HL2 instantaneous explosion. In Beta 4, the introduction of rolling explosions brings us many steps closer to the experience of the original GoldenEye 64 and also introduces many exciting ways to impact gameplay.

A rolling explosion is initiated whenever ANYTHING explodes in a map. This includes barrels and computers if enabled by the mapper. A rolling explosion lasts for 2.5 seconds with 0.5 seconds of fade time (smoke, etc.). During the 2.5 seconds of flames, damage is applied in 1/4 second intervals. The damage range and amount is determined by the exploding object so a Timed Mine can be more powerful then a Remote Mine allowing for balance in the explosions and weapon sets.

Utilizing rolling explosions to your advantage is key to the Beta 4 experience. Any explosive object that passes through an active explosion will itself explode. This means explosions will “stack” on each other and engulf a large area very quickly. You can use explosions as a blocker in a narrow hallway to make an escape. Also, the smoke after-effect is an effective shield for cover fire. Try out different tactics, but remember you are more susceptible to your OWN explosions as explained in the invulnerability discussion above.

<WRAP center round tip 60%> To improve performance on lower end systems you can disable the heat wave effect and/or dynamic lighting that is created during a rolling explosion. This can be done in the Advanced Options menu in the Multiplayer tab of the Options page. </WRAP>

<div style=“clear: both”></div>

Bullet Penetration

Certain weapons allow penetration through varying thicknesses and types of objects. This is a feature that was very useful in GoldenEye 64 to utilize the power of certain weapons and attack your enemy through doors and glass. In GoldenEye: Source only certain weapons are given penetration ability (listed from highest to lowest penetration):

  • Cougar Magnum
  • Silver PP7
  • RCP90
  • Moonraker Laser
  • AR33
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle

You can also penetrate through players! In fact, there is an achievement Domino Effect that requires you to kill two or more players with a penetrating shot. The cougar magnum has enough penetration power to go through a small door and two players!

Breath Effect

At all times during the game your aim is impacted by your breathing. This is accomplished by moving your cursor at random around the center of the screen. When you are idle you will notice your view moving around simulating breathing. When in aim mode and zoomed in (such as in the sniper rifle) your aim is impacted greatly by your breathing and must be taken into account.


Awards were a very underutilized feature in GE64, so we decided to expand upon the idea of awards and make them a very fun and central addition in GoldenEye: Source. Awards are given out to the Most Deserving players. We use a dynamically changing formula based on the number of players in a server to determine if an award should be given. A maximum of six awards are given per round, these are the top six awards based on our formulas with the most deserving in the top left spot moving to the least deserving in the bottom right slot. This gives you a relative idea on how far ahead you were of other players with your award.

Please go here to see the details of the awards: Awards

Server Variables and Commands

GoldenEye: Source ushers in a whole new era of customization in gaming, not just in the mod world. In order to control these customizations, every server owner should know, at least, the following CVars. More advanced CVars are located below these and offer you the ability to make your server truly yours. Note: The default value of each variable is located in ( ) next to the definition

Necessary Commands

ge_gameplay ident

This controls what gameplay scenario the server will be running. Each scenario is written in Python and can be modified while the game is still running (must be reloaded see below). When this command is given, the round will immediately end, showing the round report, and restart after the specified delay with the new scenario running. Beta 4 ships with the following scenarios:

Ident Description
deathmatch Deathmatch
tournamentdm Tournament Deathmatch
yolt You Only Live Twice
ltk License To Kill
mwgg Man With The Golden Gun
gungame GunGame
capturekey Capture The Key
livingdaylights Living Daylights
liveandletdie Live and Let Die

ge_gameplaylist<br/> :Prints a list of all the game modes installed (ident, printname)

ge_roundtime seconds (300)<br/> :Defines how long each round lasts in seconds.

ge_restartround<br/> :This command forces the round to be restarted. Useful for setting the weaponset immediately, or restarting after your party has joined in.

ge_endmatch mapname<br/> :This command forces the server to end the map and load the next map. If a map name is supplied it will load that map next. This command is preferred over changelevel since it goes through the proper round end and match end awarding players points.

ge_weaponset ident (pistols)<br> :Sets the weaponset to be loaded on the next round. This command takes affect on a round restart. See Default Weapon Sets

ge_weaponsetlist<br> :Prints a list of all the weapon sets available on the server (ident printname)

ge_teamplay 1 (0)<br> :Sets teamplay on/off. Ultimately, teamplay is governed by the gameplay scenario. Certain game modes (such as MWGG) will not allow teamplay, where others will allow it to be on or off. Off by default.

ge_startarmed 0-3 (0)<br> :Determines how the player will be equipped when they spawn. Use your scenario config files (e.g., server_ltk.cfg) to alter these if you wish to specify different startarmed levels for different scenarios. 0 Slappers 1 Knife 2 Knife + Level 1 Weapon 3 Slappers + Level 1 Weapon

ge_allowradar 1 (1)<br> :Allow the use of radar on the server. Game modes can override this setting (ex. MWGG and YOLT)

ge_allowjump 1 (1)<br> :Turn jumping on/off. On by default.

ge_paintball 1 (0)<br> :Turn paintball mode on/off. Off by default.

Advanced Commands

These commands are not necessary to know or adjust. Their defaults are set for optimal playing on the shipped version of Beta 3. However, if you find it necessary to change them to meet your server's needs, here they are:

ge_rounddelay seconds <tt>(15)</tt><br> :Adjusts the delay between rounds (in seconds).

ge_respawndelay seconds <tt>(5)</tt><br> :When mp_forcerespawn is set, this is the maximum amount of time a player can stay dead before respawning.

ge_dynamicweaponrespawn 1 <tt>(1)</tt><br/> :Turns dynamic respawning of ammo and weapons on/off. On by default.

ge_dynamicweaponrespawn_scale scale <tt>(1.0)</tt><br> :Scales the default dynamic respawning algorithm by a factor.

ge_dynamicarmorrespawn 1 <tt>(1)</tt><br/> : Turns on dynamic respawning of armor. On by default.

ge_dynamicarmorrespawn_scale scale <tt>(1.0)</tt><br/> : Scales the default dynamic respawning algorithm by a factor.

ge_itemrespawntime seconds <tt>(10)</tt><br/> :If dynamic respawning is disabled, this defines the fixed time interval between ammo respawns.

ge_weaponrespawntime seconds <tt>(10)</tt><br/> :If dynamic respawning is disabled, this defines the fixed time interval between weapon respawns.

ge_armorrespawntime seconds <tt>(10)</tt><br/> :If dynamic respawning is disabled, this defines the fixed time interval between armor respawns.

ge_radar_range inches <tt>(1500)</tt><br/> :Sets the radar range in inches.

ge_radar_showenemyteam 1 <tt>(1)</tt><br/> :If radar is enabled and teamplay is enabled, then if this is disabled you will only see team mates on the radar.

ge_teamautobalance 1 <tt>(1)</tt><br/> :This is enabled by default. If it is disabled, then team balancing will not be in effect.

ge_tournamentmode 1 <tt>(0)</tt><br/> :This is currently an experimental feature. Currently it only disables the Team Balancer. In future versions it will setup GE:S to be suitable for a large tournament setting by only setting this one CVar.

ge_gameplay_mode 2 <tt>(0)</tt> :This effects the way gameplay changes on map change. 0 Keep the same gameplay every map (set explicitly by ge_gameplay) 1 Select a random gameplay from gameplaycycle.txt 2 Select the next gameplay (in order) from gameplaycycle.txt (exactly like mapcycle.txt)

ge_autoteam 0-32 <tt>(0)</tt> :If greater than zero it turns teamplay ON when the player count is greater than the set value and turns teamplay OFF when lower. Takes effect at the end of the round


ge_gp_cyclefile filename :Changes the gameplay cycle file to use for this server

ge_gameplayreload ident :This is a console command that will force the current gameplay (if ident is left out) or the specified gameplay to be reload from disk instead of cache. This is only useful for testing python scripts and should never be used outside of that purpose.


GamePlay Commands

These commands are for certain gameplay scenarios only and are only available when they are loaded. Each gameplay scenario lets you define a custom configuration file that is loaded when the gameplay is loaded. These configuration files are located in …/gesource/cfg/gameplayident.cfg. These config files can also be loaded with specific server commands such as enabling teamplay, radar range, etc. etc. to be set for a particular gameplay scenario!


dm_fraglimit frags <tt>(0)</tt> :Sets a frag limit by which the match will end immediately when reached.

Tournament DeathMatch

tdm_warmuptime seconds <tt>(30)</tt> :Sets the warmup time before the first round begins.

tdm_fraglimit frags <tt>(0)</tt> :Sets a frag limit by which the match will end immediately when reached.

Capture The Key

ctk_teamplaylimit players <tt>(5)</tt> :Sets the number of players required to enter teamplay mode on round end.

ctk_overridetime seconds <tt>(5)</tt> :Sets the amount of time in seconds required to be on a capture point to override a capture.

Live And Let Die

lald_bloodlust 0 <tt>(1)</tt> :Enable or disable Baron Samedi recovering Voodoo through use of his machete.

Living Daylights

ld_playersperflag players <tt>(4)</tt> :Number of players required to spawn a new flag.

ld_teamguardians players <tt>(0)</tt> :Flags are withheld to ensure this many players must guard on the shortest team. One token will always be available.


gg_warmup seconds <tt>(20)</tt> :Sets the warmup time before the first round begins.

gg_deathmatch 1 <tt>(0)</tt> :Puts gun game in deathmatch mode allowing players to respawn immediately after being killed.

gg_avglevel 1 <tt>(1)</tt> :Starts new players on the average level of currently playing players.

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